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Mogadishu Residents Rally Against Impeachment Motion Against Farmajo

Hundreds of the residents of Somali capital have gathered in the major streets on Monday to show their support for the government of President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajoand Prime Minister Hassan Ali Kheyre.

Demonstrators who paralyzed traffic along Maka Al Mukarama and Sodonka road before making their way into Daljirka Dahsoon independent square were chanting slogans against the members of parliament.

More than ninety members of Somali lower house of the people have signed a motion of no confidence against the president on Sunday.

The legislators who submitted their document to the speaker of the house are accusing the president of the federal of Somalia of breaching the provincial constitution.

In a press statement shared with the media, the members accused President Abdullahi Farmajo of illegally extraditing former Ogaden national liberation front leader to Ethiopia, demoting former deputy spy chief and his appointment concerning the chief justice.

Meanwhile first and second deputy speakers of parliament have termed the motion against the president unconstitutional and contrary to the standing orders of the chamber.

A section of members of parliament has also come out condemning the move by their fellow legislators.

They accused those driving the motion agenda for forging their signatures into the list of members in support of confidence motion against the government.