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COVID-19 Cash support in Amhara and Somali Regions

Cordaid recently concluded its multipurpose cash support to 1200 Ethiopian households in the Amhara and Somali regions. The support allows…

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40 international missions OK’d, 2 new in Somalia, Hormuz

The government has approved 40 international missions by Italy in 2021, sources said Friday. Two are new ones: in the…

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Somaliland Elections Disrupt al-Shabaab’s Regional Expansion

On May 31, the independent, but unrecognized, Republic of Somaliland held parliamentary and local district elections. These internationally observed elections,…

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Somali Foreign Minister participates in Antalya Diplomacy Forum and meets with his Azerbaijani counterpart

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, H.E. Mr. Mohamed Abdirizak Mohamud, participated, on Friday, in the opening of…

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WARKA 18 06 2021 Soomaalida kunool dalka Kenya oo lagu hayo afduub iyo dhac baahsan iyo wiliba dil

Dabaqada Sare Musalsal Turki Af Soomaali

Dabaqada Sare Musalsal Turki Af Soomaali Part 28

Riix halka hoose oo daawo qeybtii xigtay

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