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Magaalada Yongon ee horay loo oran jiray Rongoon.

Magaalada Yongon ee horay loo oran jiray Rongoon. Hindi Af Soomaali This epic love story follows a beautiful film star from the film sets, to the jungles of the India-Burma border where she must entertain the English and Indian troops. In the midst of battles and betrayals, Julia falls in love with a young Indian soldier, and learns some bitter truths about the dream of Indian independence. Battle lines are drawn when her mentor and lover, Then learns of the torrid love affair.

During an attempt to arrange a rendezvous for transferring the sword with the INA via a letter, Malik and Mema are caught by Julia, who accuses Malik of betrayal. Torn between his feelings for her and his cause, Malik retorts by saying Julia is blinded by what she sees and the truth is lost on her. The letter reaches the INA, but Mema is trapped by the British while relaying messages. Next day, Harding blackmails Mema into revealing her co-conspirators by threatening to kill her son, at which point Malik discloses his true allegiance. Singing the INA anthem, Malik marches up defiantly to Harding, who signals Williams to shoot Mema dead. Enraged at this callous attitude, Malik lunges at Williams, but is captured and tortured by his former comrades

Magaalada Yongon ee horay loo oran jiray Rongoon.
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