Qalbigeyga oo qurbe kunool

Qalbigeyga oo qurbe kunool waa musalsal Hindi oo lagu tarjumay afka Soomaaliga waxaana idiin soo diyaariyay shirkada Saafi Films.

The series starts with showing the actress, whose life revolves around her ailing mother. She is a strong-willed twenty-seven-year-old woman, who bares the scars of her unfulfilled love affair. She is going abroad, for reasons not yet known, leaving behind her sick mother. Baffled by certain questions thrown at her by a judgmental fellow passenger, She opens up about her past. She tells her how difficult it is for her to leave her sick mother behind and how after her father’s death, she became the bread winner of the house and her mother’s sole support. She tells her life in Mumbai and her love affair with a boy, which was broken due to reason, devoting most of her time to her mother. Though, after sorting out their differences, the two decide to get engaged the next day. On the engagement day, A boys mother points out that she is still the same girl and that she will not consent for her to go abroad to Austria with him. She tells him that under no circumstances will she agree to leave her mother and that she will again choose her over him. Her mother overhears their conversation and, as a consequence, suffers a heart attack. She convinces her not to worry about her and to go overseas to be with her love.