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UNHCR Says It Assisted Over 800 Somalis To Voluntarily Return Home

UNHCR Says It Assisted Over 800 Somalis To Voluntarily Return Home

UN refugee agency has helped over 800 Somalis to be repatriated from four countries during the month of June, the agency said.

Over 819,000 Somalis are living outside their county as asylum-seekers and refugees. The majority (767,500) live in neighboring countries of Ethiopia (256,000), Kenya (255,500) and Yemen (256,000).

In its June Factsheet, UNHCR said Somali nationals have agreed to voluntarily return their home country.

“During the period under review, 825 Somali refugees returned from Kenya (655), Yemen (141), Tunisia (28) and Ukraine (one),” the UN agency said.

According to the fact sheet, in June 2018, UNHCR recorded 35,622 Somalis who returned from Yemen spontaneously, out of whom 186 returned in June (1,446 in 2018).

UNHCR said it assisted 83,669 refugees to return to Somalia in safety and dignity from nine different countries of asylum.

In the first half of this year, 6,932 Somali refugees have repatriated, representing eight per cent of the total refugees who have repatriated. The majority returned from Kenya (79 per cent), followed by Yemen (17 per cent), Libya (three per cent) and some from other countries of asylum.

Since the beginning of the voluntary return programme, on 8 December 2014, 83,669 Somalis have repatriated to Somalia, according to the agency.

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