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Uganda Mourns 4 UPDF Soldiers Killed By Al Shabaab In Somalia

Uganda Mourns 4 UPDF Soldiers Killed By Al Shabaab In Somalia

Four UPDF soldiers under AMISOM were killed and six others injured when heavily-armed Al-Shabaab militants attacked an African Union military camp outside Mogadishu on Easter Sunday.

According to local sources, the battle left 30 suspected al-Shabaab militants also dead.

Lt. Col Deo Akiiki, the deputy army spokesperson while speaking to the Daily Monitor confirmed the Sunday morning attack and said eight of the vehicles belonging to the terrorists were destroyed.

“My thoughts and prayers go to families of our dead soldiers – heartfelt condolences. 11 years since UPDF sent troops to Somalia’s civil war, there seems to be no end plan,” Former FDC party president, Dr Kizza Besigye said Monday.

Sources report that a massive blast was heard in the Bulomarer district, around 150 kilometres (93 miles) south of Mogadishu, and fighting broke out after dozens of heavily armed Shabaab militants stormed the base.

“The heavy blast struck the base before fighting broke out. We are hearing the militants used a minibus loaded with explosives to make their way in before the heavily armed confrontation started at the camp,” Local security official Ibrahim Abdilahi is quoted as saying by the Nile Post.

“There was heavy fighting and we could see smoke rising above the military base,” said witness Mohamed Sharif.

East African leaders contributing to the 22,000-strong AMISOM force last month called for the United Nations to reconsider plans to withdraw troops by December 2020, saying the timeline was unrealistic and could lead to a reversal of gains.

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