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The First Kenyan Muslim Presidential Candidate, Mohammed Abduba Dida to Pay a Historic Visit to Minnesota

The former presidential candidate of Kenya, Mohammed Abduba Dida accepts Imam Yussuf Abdi Abadir’s invitation to visit Salt Lake City, Utah.

The former presidential candidate of Kenya, Mohammed Abduba Dida accepts Imam Yussuf Abdi Abadir’s invitation to visit Salt Lake City, Utah.

For his two-week visit, he is all set to take part in the Fourth Annual Convention of Madina Mosque. After delivering lectures and meeting with East-African community leaders, Dida plans to visit other U.S. states as well.

Next weekend, Mwalimu Dida is expected to reach Minnesota, which is home to the largest Somali community outside Somalia. He was specially invited by the Rawdah Community Center at South Minneapolis. “Dida will spend one week with us”, Imam Abdirizak Farah, Sancaani, said. “We are very happy to have him here in our community and he is a role model for the youth”.

Mwalimu Dida is to visit a few cities and places during his stay in Minneapolis. He is also going to meet various groups representing the African communities in the U.S. Dida will also pay a visit to Markaz Darul-Kalam and pray maghrib, the evening prayers there on Friday, February 1, 2019. The prayers will be followed by his address.

Abdirizak Sancaani and other Muslim scholars all seem to be excited about this visit. “We will be hosting a dinner in his honor at Harwanaag Restaurant on Saturday, February 2”, Imam Sancaani said.

On Sunday, February 3, 2019, Dida is to address hundreds of Muslim youth at Minneapolis Convention Center after leading the Friday prayers at Masjid Rawdah. This convention is going to be the first ever youth convention organized by the youth of Rawdah Community Center. “This

event will hopefully be held every year from now on”, Rawdah’s youth director Abdirahman Arab said. After the former presidential candidate meets with the Muslim leaders in the U.S., he is to return to Nairobi, Kenya, as he informed the HOL.

Mwalimu Dida is one of the most loved and respected Muslim politicians in Kenya. He was the first ever Muslim candidate to run for the country’s presidency in 2013’s general elections on behalf of an Alliance of Real Change party. Later in 2017, he ran again for the presidency. People of Kenya also know him as one of the leaders of the Tabliqh Jama’ah. He has been leading the pack since more than a decade now.

This upcoming visit is going to be Dida’s second visit to the U.S. Earlier, on October 15, 2015 he had addressed the Parliament of the World’s Religious Conference at Salt Lake City, Utah. However, it was a very short trip, as he had returned to Kenya the very next day.

Dida is a popular Kenyan figure who is known for preaching and encouraging peace, education, and youth development. As it appears, the Eastern African communities in the twin cities can’t wait to meet him –while expecting him to visit the U.S. more often at the same time.

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