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Somali PM Meets EU Ambassadors In Mogadishu

The prime minister of the Federal government of Somalia, Hassan Ali Kheyre has held a meeting with the ambassadors of the European Union serving their countries in Somalia on Wednesday.

The meeting between Somali Premier and EU envoys discussed challenges facing Somalia in the new year and the plans laid to tackle them as well as the re-establishment of the security and economic sectors of the federal government.

The gathering also deliberated the development projects by the EU and its efforts to support peace and security in Somalia.

EU member states provide financial assistance to the federal government of Somalia mainly in the rebuilding of its security departments as well as development and humanitarian issues.

President, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajoa and prime minister Hassan Ali Kheyre, the federal government of Somalia are on a mission to convince its international partners especially the European Union to provide more support for its development-oriented agendas across the country.