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Somali Parliament Calls For Ceasefire In Tukaraq Amid Brewing Tension

Somali Parliament Calls For Ceasefire In Tukaraq Amid Brewing Tension
The speaker of the Lower House chamber of Somalia’s Federal Parliament, Mohamed Mursal has called for an end to fighting in Tukaraq town in the disputed Sool region.
The hostilities between the breakaway Somaliland and Puntland state renewed on 15th May after a heavy fighting broke out outside the town, leading to heavy casualties.
More than 45 soldiers from both sides were killed and dozens wounded during Tuesday’s clashes, according to the local residents and medics.
Somaliland and Puntland traded blames of each other for the start of the battle for control of the town which lies 90Km north of Garowe, the administrative capital of Puntland state.
The speaker’s call came after the Parliamentary Standing Committees’ meeting in Mogadishu. He urged the sides to opt for dialogue to resolve their dispute.
Somaliland and Puntland both claim the ownership of the two disputed regions of Sool and Sanag situated in northern Somalia and fought sporadic battles since 2002.
Somaliland declared independence from Somalia on 18th May 1991, but has not yet achieved any formal international recognition as a sovereign state.
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