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Six, Including Mom And Children Dead As Boat Capsizes In River Shabelle

Six, Including Mom And Children Dead As Boat Capsizes In River Shabelle

Six people in Lower Shabelle drowned and one person is missing when a boat capsized in River Shabelle on Monday night, residents and rescuers confirmed.

Among the victims of the incident were two children between the ages of 10 and 7, their mother and three other adults.

The boat was on its way from Afgooye town to Aw-Dheegle town village when it overturned near Raqilow village.

About 20 passengers were on board at the time of the tragic.

Thirteen of them were rescued and other nine bodies have been found so far by divers as two more others are missing.

Munye Maow Ali who was among the rescuers said that the motor of boat developed mechanical problem before it capsized.

“A mother and her children and three other people drowned, we rescued 13 others though we are still missing one person,” said Mr. Ali said.

Mohamed Ali Osman, a resident of Raqilow villages said the victims preferred to travel by water after rains and flash floods by the river cut off the main roads linking the region.

“The accident happened last night as these people were heading to Aw-Dheegle town. 13 of them rescued as six died and one are missing, The number of those who died is expected to rise of the two missing” he said.

Mohamed Ibrahim Barre who reached the scene has condoled with families of the victims.

“My condolences are to the families of those who died. We stand with them,” he said.

Those rescued from the tragic were returned to Afgooye town in Lower Shabelle region.

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