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President Farmajo Suspends Parliament Session Amid Deadlock

President Farmajo Suspends Parliament Session Amid Deadlock

Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has intervened in the current political crisis in the country and suspended Saturday’s parliament session.

The suspended session for Saturday was expected to vote on the impeachment motion against the house Speaker Mohamed Osman Jawari, accused of a constitutional violation.

President Farmajo began mediation between the rival sides within the parliament by “putting on hold”  the planned session of Today’s lower house chamber of parliament.

Farmajo held a late-night meeting with the speaker and his deputies, as well as the chairman of the Senate Abdi Hashi Abdullaahi at Villa Somalia to discuss the standoff.

The stalemate came after more than 100 MPs tabled a motion of no confidence motion against Jawari early this month after they blamed him for being an impediment to the parliamentary procedures.

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