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Landmine Targets Former Minister In Puntland’s Bosaso

A former Puntland minister has survived a landmine explosion that targeted his vehicle at the center of the northeastern Somali town of Bosaso.

Witnesses have confirmed that the explosion was targeting the vehicle of former finance minister of Puntland state, Haji Hassan Shire.

The bulletproof vehicle was hit by the landmine at the back at a four-lane street near the former Ramadan Hotel in Bosaso.

Injuries among his security staff have been confirmed.

Shire Haji Farah was one of Puntland’s presidential candidates in the 2013 elections won by Abdulweli Mohamed Ali Gaas, but later held the positions of Puntland’s finance and planning ministers.

Security forces in Bosaso town, Bari region, have not yet commented on the explosion, but in recent months, the city of Bosaso has become increasingly unstable, with bombings and killings claimed by the militant group, Al-Shabaab.