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Jubbaland Leader Visits Troops On Front Line Near Kismayo

Jubbaland Leader Visits Troops On Front Line Near Kismayo

The leader of Jubbaland State, Ahmed Madobe has elated troops on the front line in newly captured areas near the port city of Kismayo amid rising Al-Shabaab attacks.

On Sunday, Madoobe has arrived in Bar-Sanguni village on a surprise work visit hours after Al-Shabaab attacked base belonging to Somali forces and U.S. Special Forces in the area.

The allied troops retreated from the area located about 45km north of the city, allowing the militants to come back and retake the base without a resistance.

The regional leader is on a mission to assess the security situation of the areas under Jubbaland forces backed by Somali government and foreign troops, including Americans.

Last Friday, a U.S. service member was killed and four were wounded after Al-Shabaab attacked their base in Bar-Sanguni village with mortars and small arms.

In recent past few weeksShababhabab stepped up its attacks aimed at toppling the Internationally recognized Somali government based in Mogadishu.

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