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Hogaamiye ama Boqor Hindi Af Soomaali Saafi Films

Hogaamiye ama Boqor Hindi Af Soomaali Saafi Films An influential person in the Congress government, has been snubbed badly To seek revenge, He asks army officer Colonel to confiscate all the gold in her possession and to put her behind bars. She follows him instructions and imprisons her after forcibly taking possession of the gold rightfully belonging to the government but still held by her.

Rudra asks his trusted lieutenants, a Major and a Captain to transfer all the gold to Delhi safely to the government and for that, he gives him Singh a custom-made truck with a powerful safe in it, in which he keeps all the confiscated gold. As she and the man are discussing, her trusted aide, is sent by her to eavesdrop their conversation and get a whiff of their plan. she then plans an entire scheme and wants the other to accompany The actor in getting all the gold back and eventually release her from the jail.

Her briefs the Singh, her trusted lieutenant, about the gold and how she needs it all back to look after the people in her village. The loyal actor promises to retrieve the gold and return the same to her with whom he shares a romantic relationship.

Hogaamiye ama Boqor Hindi Af Soomaali Saafi Films The Singh with the support of man and a lady besides Sanjana, of course, chalk out an entire plan and seek out on a mission. The four follow the truck in which he and his deputy, are carrying the gold to the Delhi. The group of four, at one point in the journey, takes control of the truck after throwing out both of them The job now is to open the strong safe, something at which he is adept. Meanwhile, the boss and other army and police officers are hot on the trail of stolen gold and the truck. At one point, the army officers seek the help of police officer but the actor and his team members outwit him too.