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HirShabelle President Calls For An End To Inter-Clan Clashes

The President of Hirshabelle state of Somalia, Mohamed Abdi Warre has called on an immediate and unconditional end of renewed clan clashes in Hiran region on Wednesday.

President Ware said his administration is ready to do all it can to stop the fighting that has already resulted in the death and destruction of properties in the state.

“I call upon the political and tribal leaders from the state to stand up to end these clashes,” he said.

The leader also warned that the persistence of the tribal clashes that started in some parts of Hiran region would only benefit the agenda of the armed group al Shabaab if not stopped immediately.

“I want to inform our brothers fighting in Hiran that the battle will only strengthen the cause of the armed group al Shabaab militants in the region,” President Ware warned.

He urged the rival clans to solve their differences through dialogue than resorting to fighting.

The sentiments of president Ware comes a day after Hiran governor Yusuf Hagar Ahmed who is in Mahas said his administration has been undertaking peace initiatives to iron out tensions between two clans.

The governor said he is committed to ending recurrent clan clashes in the region.

“We have been undertaking initiatives to stabilize the region. The first phase of our plan will be implemented in Mahas town where we want to start peace negotiations,” he said.