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Heavy Rains Claim The Lives Of Several People In Northern Somalia

Heavy rains, floods, and windstorms have led to a loss of life and property across Somalia in the past few hours.

The rains have specifically affected coastal areas in the northern parts of the country, in Puntland and in the breakaway Somaliland region.

Authorities in Bosaso town say the main road that connects the city to other regions has been destroyed.

In Las Qoray, Sanaag region, two people were swept off by floods, and roads connecting the town to the rest of the region have also been closed.

Meanwhile, the administration in Somaliland has announced that one person was killed and 18 injured following heavy rains with wind storms in coastal areas. Several houses and scores of domestic animals were also destroyed.

And in central Somalia, River Shabelle has overflowed and flooded Beledweyne town, leading to fresh displacement.

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