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Magaalada Yongon ee horay loo oran jiray Rongoon.

This epic love story follows a beautiful film star from the film sets, to the jungles of the India-Burma border…

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Aniga Adiga Saif Ali & Rani

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Jooligii abuukaataha ahaa Part 2

Jagdishwar Mishra is a Lucknow based lawyer who works as an assistant to one of the most famous lawyer of…

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The film begins with a quick flashback into the life of Bharti Rai, the daughter of chief minister Ramnath Rai.…

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Qof awoodo

This is the story of a man who lived, laughed and loved just like everyone in this world. Until one…

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Raadin – Amir Khan, Kareena & Rani

Inspector Surjan Singh Shekhawat investigates a popular film star’s death. Before he can solve the complicated case, he has to…

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