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Beledweyne first female mayor, Safiya Hassan Sheikh Ali dismissed from her post

 Safiya Hassan Sheikh Ali has been replaced as Beledweyne's mayor by Nadar Tabah Malin.

 Safiya Hassan Sheikh Ali has been replaced as Beledweyne’s mayor by Nadar Tabah Malin.

Safiya made history last year when she was appointed as Somalia’s first female mayor.

Her replacement, Nadar, has been active in local politics for the last decade.

It is unclear why Safiya, who served as mayor for just eight months, was being replaced but the reshuffle comes as Hirshablle gets ready for elections.

The incoming mayor has a major task ahead of her. Nadar will look to organize the city into constituencies so that residents may directly elect their councillors and other local officials for the first time.

The Minister of Interior of Hirshabelle region Mohamed Ali Aadle has instructed the new mayor Nadar Tabah to take office immediately.

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