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Australia Announces $5.5 M Aid To Assist Drought Victims In Somalia

Australia Announces $5.5 M Aid To Assist Drought Victims In Somalia

The Australian Government announced it is providing humanitarian assistance to people in Somalia facing severe food insecurity due to conflict and drought.

The $17 million in assistance that we provided to Somalia in 2017 helped prevent widespread famine. In 2018, six million people remain in need of humanitarian assistance, including more than two million who are displaced – more than 1.3 million are children.

The risk of famine persists due to widespread violence, displacement and consecutive seasons of failed rains.

Australia is providing $5.5 million in emergency food, clean water and shelter to vulnerable Somali communities. Our support will be delivered through the United Nations and trusted humanitarian partners.

Australia’s humanitarian contribution will help affected communities improve their agricultural practices and financial management so they can be more resilient in the face of protracted drought.

The Australian Government remains committed to doing our part to help address global humanitarian needs, particularly those arising from conflict and food insecurity.

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