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AU awards police officers for peace contribution in Somalia

The African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) on Friday awarded 30 police officers deployed in Somalia to boost stabilization efforts for their distinguished service.

The Individual Police Officers (IP0s) from Kenya, Zambia, Uganda and Sierra Leone, deployed under the AU mission, will leave the Horn of Africa country over the weekend after a year-long tour of duty.

Christine Alalo, AMISOM Acting Police Commissioner, in a statement stressed the crucial role IPOs play in transforming the Somali Police into a formidable force, capable of carrying out professional policing activities.

“You came to Somalia specifically to help build the capacity of the country, a country that we all know is coming out of war. It needs the support of African brothers and sisters,” said Alalo.

The officers, who performed specialized roles, were decorated with medals in Mogadishu in recognition of their outstanding performance and contribution to Somalia’s stabilization.

IP0s are deployed in Somalia to train, mentor, and advise the Somali Police Force on day-to-day operations, said AMISOM.

The officers also co-locate and work hand-in-hand with their Somali counterparts, at various police stations in Mogadishu and the regional states, it added.

The AU mission urged the officers to use the experience and knowledge they have gained in Somalia, to the benefit of their countries.