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AMISOM Requests Helicopters To Carry Out Operations Against Al Shabaab

AMISOM Requests Helicopters To Carry Out Operations Against Al Shabaab

A training needs assessment conference for the AU troops in Somalia, aimed at identifying training gaps in Mission specific and pre-deployment training, ended in the capital Mogadishu last evening.

The meeting, facilitated by the United Kingdom Mission Support Team (UKMST), in its efforts to help AMISOM develop effective and appropriate pre-deployment training, was attended by senior officers responsible for Peace Support Operations from the Troop Contributing Countries to AMISOM.

“We need to do a lot of follow up exercises, to identify the effectiveness of the training that we have had both in the Troop Contributing Countries and the ones in-mission,” Col. Charles Debrah, the Chief of the Joint Mission Training Centre said, at the end of the two-day meeting.

It is expected that resolutions from the conference will help improve the Mission’s operational efficiency.

Priority areas of focus include enhanced training on countering Improvised Explosive Devices, which are a threat to the civilian populations and security forces in Somalia.

Addressing participants at the meeting, the Deputy Head of AMISOM Mr. Simon Mulongo, emphasized the need for adequate training and proper orientation of troops, to enable them effectively carry out military operations.

“If we had had helicopters both for transport and combat, this war would be over. This war would be over, or it would have taken a different configuration than what it is now,” Mr. Mulongo said, as he called for improved support in military equipment.

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